Terms and Conditions

  • About the Terms and Conditions 
    1. These Terms and Conditions, referred to as ‘Terms’ from hereon govern how we provide our 2021 UK Driving Theory Test mobile application service. This service uses data to provide you with UK Driving Theory test learning materials. This is our Service to you. It also provided details of your use of our app. 
    1.2 it is essential you read the Terms thoroughly and carefully. Please ensure you understand them before you begin using the Service.
    1.3 From time to time we may amend the Terms. Any changes to the Terms no matter how small will be posted on this page. Where it is appropriate, we will notify you when the Service is updated. Please check this page regularly to read any updates or any changes that have been made to these Terms.
    2. Who we are
    We are Sky Unlimited SIA, a company registered in Latvia with company number 40203018242.
    3. Our Rights and our Responsibilities
    3.1 We own and we operate the 2021 UK Driving Theory Test mobile application hereinafter referred to as the Service. We will reasonably try to keep the technology that powers the Service fully operational. This allows for maintenance windows. We acknowledge that there may be some unscheduled downtime as part of the maintenance. We will endeavor to perform the Service with reasonable care and skill. We offer no other warranties with respect to our Service. All warranties which may be implied into the Terms by law are excluded and are permitted to the fullest extent. 
    3.2 We may occasionally add or even remove some features from this Service from time to time. We will always use reasonable endeavors to keep you informed of any changes to the Service. Especially changes that are likely to have an impact on how you use it.
    3.3 We do not warrant and neither do we accept any responsibility for the Service’s completeness or accuracy of the content. Nor do we accept any responsibility for any related information provided on our Service.
    3.4 The Service is only for entertainment purposes. The information that it provides should never be relied on.
    4. Your General Responsibilities
    4.1 You may only use the Service if you are at least 13 years of age. If you wish to subscribe to the Service you must be at least 18 years of age. You should also be able to form a binding contract.
    4.3 We are licensed to use or own our Service’s intellectual property rights. This includes our underlying technologies and branding. You may not make use of or in any way exploit our intellectual property rights.
  • License
    If you comply with the Terms we will grant you a non-exclusive, limited and revocable access to our service. We will also grant you a non-transferable and non-sublicensable access to our service. When you have access to our service you will also be able to download and install the current an available version of the Service. You can do this on an authorized, single, mobile device. This is a device which you control or own. You can use the app for your lawful non-commercial and personal use. 
    6. License Restrictions
    6.1 You will agree that you will not:
    6.1.1 Rent, loan, sub-license, lease or provide or make available this Service in any form, in part or in whole. If you wish to do this you will need our prior written consent.
    6.1.2 Copy the Service unless it is part of the normal use of Service or where it is entirely necessary for the purposes of backing-up the Service or operational security
    6.1.3 Translate, adapt, merge, alter, vary, or modify, the whole Service or any part of the Service. Nor will you permit the Service or any part of the Service to be combined with any other programs. Nor will you permit the Service to become incorporated in other programs. The Exception to this rule is when it is necessary to use our Service on such devices as are permitted in these Terms.
    6.1.4 De-compile, disassemble, or reverse engineer any part or the whole of the Service. Nor will you or create derivative works that are based on the whole or any single part of the Service
    6.1.5 You agree that you will completely comply with all applicable technology control. You will also comply with any export laws and any regulations that apply to the technology that is used or supported by the Service.
    7. The Service and Acceptable Use
    7.1 You must not:
    7.1.1 Use this Service in any unlawful way. You must not use it for any unlawful purposes You must not use the Service in a manner that is inconsistent with the Terms. Additionally, you must not act fraudulently or maliciously by hacking or inserting malicious code, for example, such as harmful data or viruses. You must not do this to or into the Service or any such operating system.
    7.1.2 Infringe on our intellectual property rights or the rights of a 3rd party in relation to the use of our Service. This includes by the submission of any material to the extent that the use is not licensed by the terms. 
    7.1.3 Transmit any kind material that is offensive, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable in relation to the use of the Service.
    7.1.4 Use the Service in such a way that may damage, impair, disable, overburden, or compromise any of our systems or our security. Nor should you interfere with any other users; and
    7.1.5 Collect or even harvest any information or any data from the Service. Nor should you collect or even harvest our systems or make an attempt to decipher transmissions to or from any of the servers running the Service.
    8. Our Subscription Fees
    8.1 The details of our subscription fees and options have been set out on iTunes and Google Play. They are also set out in our Service and can be seen during the sign-up process.
    8.2 Any free trial that is offered will be offered at our own discretion. We may withdraw this free trial at any time.
    8.3 A free trial that is offered will automatically be renewed as a paid subscription unless you switch the auto-renew off at least 24 hours before the trial period is about to end.
    8.4 Weekly subscriptions to the Service will automatically renew. They will renew on the same day every week. This is the day that you subscribed. Automatic subscriptions will take place unless they have been canceled.
    8.5 Monthly subscriptions to the Service will automatically renew on the same day every month. This is the day that you subscribed. Automatic subscriptions will take place unless they have been canceled.
    8.6 Yearly subscriptions will automatically renew on the same day every year. This is the day that you subscribed. Automatic subscriptions will take place unless they have been canceled.
    8.7 We may suspend or cancel your access to the Service immediately if you do not pay your subscription or we cannot collect it from Google Play or iTunes.
    9. How to Cancel your Subscription
    9.1 If you wish to cancel your subscription to our Service, you’ll need to do it through your Google Play or iTunes account settings. 
    9.2 Residents of the European Union usually have a right to cancel any subscription agreements within two weeks (14 days) of agreeing to them. They can also expect to receive a refund.
    If you’re resident in the EU and you download our Service from Google or Apple you may not be able to cancel your order or get a refund. Please make sure that you review the terms and conditions set out by the mobile platform owner before you purchase this app. 
    10. Help Desk
    If you help need using our Service, please visit: http://sky-7.eu/?page=contact-us or email us at: contact@sky-7.eu
    11. Apple Application Store Terms Apply
    The ways that you use the Service may be controlled by Apple and the Application Store terms and conditions/ they may also be controlled by Apple’s policies. These will apply instead of these Terms where there may be differences between the two.
    12. Our Liability to you
    12.1 We are wholly responsible to you for any foreseeable loss and any damage that is caused by us. If we do not comply with any of these Terms, we will be responsible for the loss or damage that you suffer. This is loss and damage you have suffered a foreseeable result of us breaking our Terms. It is also the loss and damage you have suffered from our failure to use any reasonable care and skill. However, we are not responsible for the loss or damage that isn’t foreseeable. Any loss or damage is only foreseeable if it is either obvious that it will happen. In addition to this, it is also foreseeable if you knowingly accepted all of these Terms, when both we and you were aware that it may happen.
    12.2 We don’t exclude and we don’t limit in our liability in any way to you where it would be unlawful for us to do so. This includes any liability for death or for personal injury that has been caused by our negligence. It also includes any negligence of any of our employees, our agents or our subcontractors. Finally, it also includes liability for any fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.
    12.3 If any defective digital content which has been supplied by us damages a device or any digital content belonging to you and the damaged is caused by our failure to use reasonable skill and care we will repair the damage or we will pay you compensation. We will, however, not be liable for any damage which could have been avoided by following any of our advice to apply an update that was offered to you free of charge. We will also not be liable for damage which was caused by your failure to adequately or correctly follow any installation instructions. We will not be held liable if you fail to have the minimum system requirements in place that are advised by us.
    12.4 We will only ever supply our Service for domestic and for private use. If you use the Service for business, resale, or commercial purpose we’ll have no liability to you should you lose profit, you have a business interruption, problems, difficulties, or there is a loss of business opportunity.
    12.5 If by providing the Service to you is delayed by an event that is outside our control, we will contact you as soon as we possibly can. We will let you know about the delay and we will do our best to minimize its effect. If we do this, we won’t be liable for any delays that were caused by the event.
    13. Your Privacy
    When we process ant of your personal data, we will do so in accordance with the necessary data protection laws. These are laws which apply to us and our privacy policy. When you use our Service, you are agreeing to have your personal data set processed as has been set out in our Privacy Policy.
    14. Complaints and Alternative Dispute Resolution
    14.1 If you have a complaint please contact us at contact@sky-7.eu
    15. Other Important Terms
    15.1 These Terms and all the documents referred to in the Terms contain the whole agreement that has been made between you and us and relates to our Service.
    15.2 No representation and no pre-contractual statement will have a legal effect unless it is repeated in these Terms.
    15.3 These Terms are the terms and conditions of a contract that allows us to provide you with unlimited access to our Service. We will provide you with the service in return for a fee. There is nothing in these Terms that will create any of agency, partnership, employment or relationship between us.
    15.4 There will be no waiver of these Terms and they will always be valid unless we are prepared to agree to it in writing.